Review Policy

I am happy to accept review copies of books or movies that fit into the theme of this site. Please look over the following information before contacting me.

Book Review Policy

1) If I request a review copy, I will read and review it - the review may or may not be positive, though!  

2) I give priority to review copies that are recently published. If I have a stack of pending review copies and I get a new one that just came out last week, the one that came out last week will be the first read and reviewed. That being said, I try to read and post reviews in a timely manner.

3) If you send me an unsolicited review copy, I may or may not read it and am under no obligation to write a review. Based on my nomadic status at the moment, it is always best to contact me directly before sending anything (at chelsea.m.mcgill(at)gmail(dot)com). This is true even (especially) if I have already given you my address! 

4) Because of my interest in promoting a diverse range of voices, I will sometimes accept self-published works that correspond to the theme of this site. Send me information about the book, and I will decide whether to accept it. If I do accept it, I will only write a review if I like it. 

I am happy to hear from publishers at any time! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at chelsea.m.mcgill(at)gmail(dot)com. 

Movie Review Copy

I am happy to review full-length films that fit the theme of this site. The film must be in a non-English language and/or portray an ethnic, linguistic, religious, or other minority. Documentaries do not count. Contact me for more information. 

If you send me a hard copy of the film, it must be in DVD format and all-region or able to played in Region 1. 

Thank you for your interest in The Globally Curious! 

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