Friday, October 23, 2015

Kickstart This: Spanish Women of Wonder

Help translate an anthology of Spanish science fiction stories written by female authors!

I was browsing Kickstarter and happened upon this fantastic project. It will be open for pledging until November 6th, with about 50% funded as of this writing. 

The anthology, called Alucinadas in the original Spanish, is a result of a competition for Spanish-language science fiction short stories open to women from any country. From a pool of 205 submissions from 12 countries, the editors chose 11 stories - including one written by a publishing newcomer! 

It will be translated by Sue Burke, a writer and translator specializing in genre fiction. (Read an interview with her here.) Burke has written a small introduction to Spanish-language sci-fi writing by women on the anthology's Kickstarter page. Spanish-language women writers "get published and recognized even less than women in the English­-speaking world. Add to that a general disregard among the literary establishment for science fiction, and until the 1980s, almost no Spanish­-speaking women seemed to see much point in writing science fiction." Luckily this has changed, and this anthology will provide a way for the English-speaking world to access this literature! 

Visit the Spanish Women of Wonder Kickstarter page to see more details and give support to this wonderful project! 

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